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Building YOUR Brand

As Americans, we experience over 3,000 different marketing and brand messages on a daily basis. Many businesses have benefited greatly from having one of the most recognizable brands in their industry. Even my three year old son recognizes logos from Allstate, McDonalds, Wal-Mart and Walgreens. Companies like these have spent millions to develop, enhance and protect their brand because of the financial implications from negative or inappropriate brand images – think Aflac and Gilbert Gottfried.

Here are a few quick suggestions from Branding that you can use to build YOUR brand:

Develop YOUR Brand

When your employer, team or co-workers think of you, what do you think comes to mind? Do they think of you as the GO TO person, sharp with tons of innovative ideas or the negative person in the office that always complains and never pushes past the status quo? Your actions speak louder than words and intentions, so make sure that you are “on” and focused on success at all times.

Enhance YOUR Brand

Education and exposure are critical to your brand. Take the time to become intimately familiar with every aspect of your business or company. Also, understand your competitors and trends in your industry. Look for opportunities like temporary assignments and graduate programs to stretch your experience. This allows you to be more impactful and/or marketable.  Like I always say, work hard and learn as much as you can in your current role so that you are prepared for your next promotion or your next recruiting call.

Protect YOUR Brand

I can’t stress enough the importance of protecting your brand. Your brand/reputation takes time to develop and can be destroyed in an instant, so remember your Miranda Rights revised… what you say on the internet can and will be used against you. Social media is a useful tool for connections and social action, but can be harmful when an employee doesn’t consider the consequences of bashing their boss or company on Facebook or Twitter. Also, remember that a social outing with co-workers is just that, an outing with CO-WORKERS. Keep your alter ego at home so as not to ruin YOUR brand in the workplace.

Invest In YOUR Brand

If you want to look professional for your next sales call or interview, make sure that you invest in more than just the prep work and props that will help you put your best foot forward. Obviously the right business suit says a great deal about you as you walk through the door… we all know that opinions are formed within seconds of a first encounter. Additionally a sophisticated presentation on an iPad2 will leave a lasting impression and quite possibly make you stand out from the next person. However, if you really want a competitive advantage, make sure you have invested in yourself. For the half cost of an iPad2, you could have the coaching you need to ensure that you put your best YOU forward.

Allow the professionals at Newbern Consulting Group to develop an affordable and effective branding strategy for you.

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Remember, the right investments in developing, enhancing and protecting YOUR brand will lead to a better ROI.

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