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Marketing Strategy & Planning

Marketing Strategy & Planning

Are you looking for creative and proven ways to grow your business or non-profit organization in this challenging economy? Partner with us to develop an actionable business plan and a solid marketing strategy, including branding, social media and public relations campaigns. We will recommend sustainable and measurable processes in the action plan to enable you to achieve maximum growth.


Also, we will provide you with tools to effectively measure the results of your marketing investments, and if needed, we can provide the resources to implement the marketing strategies for minimal costs to allow you to focus on what you do best.


Developing A Solid Marketing Plan

A core component of your business plan is a business marketing strategy. The strategy defines your strategic and tactical goals, your competitive positioning, branding, pricing, distribution, sales processes and how you plan to retain customers. It also outlines the major marketing campaigns and tactics you will implement. Lastly, your strategy will define your target number of new and retained customers through sales projections, revenue as share of household and share of wallet based on products and services by establishing a detailed budget and metrics.

Make You Stand Out From The Crowd

In this very competitive business environment, it is important that you find ways to stand out from the crowd. You need  to establish a brand that represents your organization and tells potential customers what sets you apart from your competition. Newbern Consulting Group will walk you through an extensive process to develop and integrate your brand across your print media, online presence, collateral and your storefronts.

Converting Leads Into New Customers

In the end, we are in business to grow. It’s important that you have a defined sales processes to convert leads or prospects into new and repeat business. Newbern Consulting Group can develop a sales process and training for your organization to ensure that you maximize your marketing efforts to generate revenue.

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