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Entrepreneur & Career Coaching

Entrepreneur & Career Coaching

What’s keeping you from fulfilling your purpose and pursuing your dream? Is it fear, education/experience, procrastination, or all of the above?


Would you be willing to invest in yourself to increase your salary, get promoted, find a new job, launch a new business, grow your existing business or find happiness in life and career? We think you would.


Partner with Newbern Consulting to develop your goals and outline a sustainable action plan. We will focus on implementation and milestones in each session and motivate you to achieve your business and personal goals.


Where Do You Want to be in 5 Years?

Have you set goals for your professional growth? Do you have a plareach accomplish these goals? What are the milestones you must achieve along the way?


in business, we develop strategic plans to determine the direction of our organization. These plans include investments and resources needed to meet our objectives and ultimately achieve success.


If going though the strategic planning process delivers results for businesses, why don’t you have a strategic plan for your career? Newbern Consulting Group will help you map a course for success in your career.

What Are You Worth?

You have unique talents and strengths but feel that you are not being recognized for what you bring to the table. What you are worth goes beyond your salary. We are talking about how leadership leverages your skills and values your opinion to help set direction for projects or the organization. Newbern Consulting will provide you will helpful tools to establish your worth and assist you in better positioning yourself to deliver results.

Stand Out from the Crowd

Through an extensive interview and testing process, Newbern Consulting Group will assess your skills and strengths to help you stand out from the crowd. We will develop your personal marketing plan to package and position your strengths so that you can land that promotion, new career or even pursue the business idea you have had for years.

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