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HOPE IS a Strategy for Success!

As a leader in business, I can’t tell you how many times I heard “HOPE is not a strategy” professed in meetings whenever someone was trying to articulate their plans to drive results. Many sales leaders made statements like, “I HOPE to increase my pipeline within the next couple months”, “I HOPE to increase sales in my market through XYZ processes”, “I HOPE to decrease turnover through training and support”. Inevitably, that person would get shot down with a rousing echo from our leadership team, “HOPE is not a strategy”.

I now have a different perspective as a small business owner and consultant. Here’s why. HOPE defined is the feeling that what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out for the best.  Without HOPE for success, would entrepreneurs pursue their dreams? Without HOPE for financial gains, would venture capitalists invest in startups?

Frankly, it’s my opinion that HOPE is the fuel that has driven small business development and growth while fear and lack of HOPE have driven failure and prevented ideas from launching.

At the core of any business strategy is the process of defining what outcomes you expect in the future and the critical inputs needed to drive these results. Therefore, one has to anticipate what can be and how events will turn out to establish their strategy. Sounds like HOPE to me.

How do you convert the energy of HOPE into processes and action plans? How do you fuel HOPE in your team to make it contagious? How do you make HOPE a core value for your organization?

Simply put, HOPE IS a strategy for success when you Help Others Perform Exceptionally. Invest in development for your team and reap the return. My good friend, Pat Reardon, a dynamic trainer says it best, “The only thing worse than losing a trained employee is keeping one that is not.”

Through training and development, you can encourage greatness in your team and gain alignment behind the vision for the organization. Most importantly, you allow them to stretch their minds to think of new possibilities… or dare I say HOPE for bigger and better things personally and professionally.

HOPE alone does not drive results. You need a plan with clear objectives and accountabilities. Not sure how to let go of old paradigms to allow HOPE to become a strategy? Click here to schedule your complimentary consultation today and I can assist you in creating an action plan and provide information on workshops for your company.

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