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I am the Master of My Fate

Are you the master of your fate? Have you set plans in motion to fulfill your purpose, live out your dreams? Now is the time to develop and activate your self-marketing plan. A few tips to get you started:


  • Update your resume with your most recent role and accomplishments. Be sure to include quantifiable results and when appropriate examples of projects and leadership skills. Seek out references that can substantiate your work ethic and character in addition to your work performance and outcomes.
  • Clean up your social media image. Reports show that today more employers are researching candidates on Google, so make sure that your search results don’t reflect poorly on you. Remove inappropriate comments and photos from Facebook and ensure that you have privacy settings that limit access to your personal life.
  • Get LinkedIn! This is one of the best tools for connecting professionally and a primary source for recruiters. Make sure your presence and comments on LinkedIn are professional and utilize your connections to meet potential employers/clients.
  • Join several networking groups. Another sound strategy for meeting like-minded professionals that can provide you the referrals needed to grow your business or open doors for your next opportunity.

As you contemplate your next move, allow Newbern Consulting Group to help you sort out your options and develop a sound plan of action. Your destiny is waiting to be fulfilled, so don’t let fear get in your way!

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  • Patti Cochran
    March 10, 2011 at 4:55 pm

    Sedrik! This is terrific, actionable advice. Your closing comment is “spot on”! Fear is one wicked emotion and confronting it brings us power. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this…miss you in the DC area! Patti

    • sedriknewbern
      March 10, 2011 at 10:02 pm

      Thanks Patti! Fear is like kryptonite, because it can truly limit your power.

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