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After the HOPE is gone

Just a few short years ago, HOPE was the basis for a movement that ignited generations of people with very diverse backgrounds, beliefs and cultures around one common purpose… Change. After decades of disappointment, discrimination and disenfranchisement, there was a feeling that change was coming to America and the world. There was HOPE for tomorrow.

Where is that HOPE today? Where is all the momentum and excitement? What happens after the HOPE is gone? Can you get it back?

HOPE defined is the feeling that what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out for the best.  Without HOPE we go through life with our glass half empty. We never find true happiness because we don’t believe we will get nor deserve the best out of life. Hence we can’t let go of our past because that is our reality. Moving forward is a challenge since we can’t predict our future or guarantee our success. Therefore, any discouraging news makes us cling to our past for safety and ignore our HOPE for a brighter tomorrow.

Imagine you’re a trapeze artist. Your entire routine is based on letting go, hoping for thebest and having faith that you can truly move forward without falling. This is no different than how we should live our lives. We can hold on for safety, but we will only swing back and forth through life’s ups and downs never moving forward. Or we can focus on what might happen if we fall, which will again make us squeeze tighter and not let go. HOPE is what allows us to let go, soar through the air and find there’s a new phase of growth and opportunity for our lives.

There are always going to be setbacks and naysayers. So how do you overcome the tendency to cling to the past? You have to let go. The key to letting go is unconditional forgiveness. First, you have to forgive yourself. Then you have to forgive the person/people that hurt you. Once you have forgiven yourself and others, you can see life without pain… a life full of HOPE and opportunity. That’s when you will begin to soar and reach for the next bar.

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  • Nan Watts
    March 3, 2012 at 10:14 am

    Great message Sedrik. You know I am all about hope and possibilities. I cannot imagine living without either.

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