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Unconditional Forgiveness: My Story

In this blog, I will describe my journey to develop a relationship with my father and the fear I faced of repeating the past when I discovered I was having a son of my own. I will also share my experiences in relationships.


This blog is a manifestation of my purpose in life. For many years, I have been compelled to share my perspective on the process I have gone through to build a true relationship with my father and having a fulfilling marriage. The desire became even stronger and more relevant when we discovered my wife was pregnant.


Unfortunately, my parents separated when I was only nine months old and ultimately divorced, so I spent the first 13 years of my life without a father figure in my house. Thankfully, my mom allowed my dad and I to develop a relationship over the years even though my dad didn’t always live up to his obligations.


Once I turned 18, my dad and I had our first man-to-man conversation where I told him that I forgave him for leaving me and that I wanted a real relationship with him. He apologized to me and ultimately forgave himself for not being there as I grew up.



We now are best friends and talk regularly about everything. We give each other advice on our marriages, our business ventures and our favorite sports teams. I can truly say that we have now achieved unconditional love and respect for each other in spite of my childhood.


By no means do I consider myself to be a writer or an expert on relationships or parenting, but I do think that by providing the perspective of a child, parents might make better choices as they raise and develop their relationships with their children. Also, having open dialogue about the pain that we carry from failed relationships might help people forgive themselves and the people that caused the pain so they can move on and experience unconditional love.


Please share your thoughts and experiences by commenting on the topics discussed within this blog. It is my prayer that my story and experiences will serve as a guide for others on how to forgive past mistakes and pain.  Through exposure we all heal and educate others.


Revelations 1:11 – Write in a book everything you see…

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