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The Process IS Working As Designed

How many times have you been a victim of the process? As a customer, have you ever encountered an issue that makes absolutely no sense? And when you talk to the store manager they agree but tell you that unfortunately there’s nothing they can do to change the outcome.


In most cases, companies develop sound policies to improve efficiencies, increase profits and protect the business from liability claims and employee dishonesty/theft. Unfortunately, these same policies can prevent employees from making decisions on the spot to satisfy the needs or complaints of loyal customers.


Don’t get me wrong, without processes, my businesses would not run smoothly. In fact, I strongly believe that micro-management is the result of the lack of processes to ensure checks and balances for leaders to monitor. However, if processes are not evaluated and tweaked regularly, they may in fact be the reason for deflated employee morale, challenges with growth and increasing customer satisfaction.


Are you reinventing your business to focus on the customer and not just profit? Then I would suggest that you empower front line employees to make decisions when it comes to creating the ultimate customer experience and driving customer loyalty. You’ll find that losing a little profit on one sale to a loyal customer will only be a fraction of the gains you’ll receive through repeat purchases and referrals given by this customer.

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